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Terms and Conditions

At Diligence Insights, we value customer experience the most. To provide you with a trouble-free experience, we follow some terms and conditions. As a liable organization, we take it as a responsibility to put them out in public for the customer’s awareness. Also, we urge you to make it a point to read the terms and conditions before placing your order. It is important to note that the terms and conditions currently available on the website will be applicable. Thereby, when you place an order with Diligence Insights, you are acknowledged to the terms and conditions provided by us here on the website.

Delivery of Report: 

  • In case of online download, the report will be delivered to you by email within 48 hours of receipt of payment. We will courier the report within 3 to 5 working days from the date of the receipt of payment, depending on the location of the user.
  • All our customers are entitled to receive a 20% free customization in the report based on their specific requirements about the markets discussed in the report, once the report is purchased. However, the complexity of your requirement and the time taken will be purely judged by our analyst and Diligence Insights will have the final say regarding the same.

Credibility and Accuracy:

Information provided by Diligence Insights is based on extensive research and our analysts use proven and tested methods to provide data. On the other hand, the content on the website is the result of logical and prudent research. Diligence Insights does not warrant that all content published on the website in any form, and the research report provided is free of errors. We, of course, strive to provide the best quality information, and will always continue to do so.

Third-Party Content:

Besides its content and tools, Diligence Insights also uses content and information from third-party websites. In some cases, you may also find links to them. Diligence Insights, however, does not hold responsibility for the quality, form, or any other aspect related to the content on the third-party website. We also, do not account for any loss or damage incurred to the consumer electronically, physically, monetarily, or in any other form, due to the third-party website or content.


Content in any form on Diligence Insights’ website and research reports is also an exclusive property of the company and is protected by international copyright laws. Further, all software and technological/ technical tools used by the company on its website and within are the sole property of Diligence Insights. They are also protected by international copyright laws. By communicating with us or by indulging in business transactions with us, you agree to not share in parts or in full any form of content, tool, software, data, graphics, images, audio, video, or other Diligence Insights property with any other third party. In case you wish to do so, it is mandatory to seek written permission from Diligence Insights. The company reserves the right to initiate action, in its own powers, or legally, in case discrepancies are found from the customer.

Cancellation Policy:

Kindly read all the information about the report before placing your order. Cancellation of orders will not be accepted after the payment has been made and the report has been dispatched. Due to the confidential nature of the information contained in our market research reports, cancellation of orders cannot be accepted after the report has been delivered. However, in the case of missing or incomplete data in our market research report, Diligence Insights will provide the data as soon as possible as part of the original report.

Service Access:

While the company endeavors to ensure that the Website is normally available 24 hours a day, the Company shall not be liable if for any reason the Website is unavailable at any time or for any period. Access to the Website may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the case of system failure, maintenance or repair or for reasons beyond the company’s control.


Owing to the category of the product, we do not permit refunds or returns for a dispatched or delivered report. However, in a rare incidence if you are unsatisfied with the product you can get in touch with our customer service executives and we will resolve any concerns you may have.


All materials displayed or made available on the website, including, but not limited to, images, graphics, documents, text, sound, video, audio, artwork, software, and HTML code are the exclusive property of Diligence Insights or its content suppliers. The materials are protected by Indian and international copyright laws and any other applicable intellectual property rules, regulations, and laws. Except as clearly authorized herein, you shall not 

(i) use, copy, modify, display, delete, distribute, download, store, reproduce, transmit, publish, sell, re-sell, adapt, reverse engineer, or create derivative works of the Material, or 

(ii) use the material on any other websites or any media, e.g., networking environment, without Diligence Insights’ prior written consent.


Diligence Insights shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate any services of the website and remove any content from the Site. Diligence Insights may also terminate your access to any part or all of the services provided by Diligence Insights on the site at any time, with or without cause or notice, for any or no reason. Diligence Insights shall not be responsible for maintaining or returning your Submitted Information.